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Manpower Around the World, Part 2

In my continued effort this week to bring you information about Manpower from around the world I thought you might enjoy this.  To better share Manpower experience and best practices in human resource management, Lucille Wu, Managing Director of Manpower Greater China, recently launched her blog on Netease, one of China’s leading web portals. Lucille shares her seasoned experience in talent recruitment and retention and career development on her blog. While I cannot read or speak Chinese I think it looks pretty cool anyway.

Click on picture to visit her blog.


Some other interesting facts about Manpower China:


Manpower Around the World, Part 1

I thought it would be fun to show some of the things Manpower does around the world. Today I am highlighting the Manpower Professional blog in France. While I do not speak French or read it I thought for those of you that do you might find it interesting.

Click on Picture to visit the blog.