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University Graduates and the Jobs that they Want

You may wonder what types of jobs today’s University graduate is looking for, and to be sure It has definitely changed over time and probably is not what you would expect. Although I have to admit I was not surprised by the list of the least desirable jobs. I did halfway expect under water BB stacking, or professional macrame to make the list. But hey – apparently today’s grad’s just aren’t that sophisticated. =)

Hot and Cold Jobs
Jobs ranked as most and least desirable by U.S. university graduates

Most desirable
1. Health and life sciences
2. Government
3. Electronics/high tech
Least desirable
1. Metals and mining
2. Retail
3. Chemicals
Source: Accenture

So what do you think? Are those really desirable jobs? and do those bottom three really belong there?  Original thought and insight is always welcome!